Who We Are

Ebda is a collaboration between four of Saudi’s prominent innovators, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders. We have proven track records and established local, regional, and global networks in the leisure, entertainment, brand development, sport, business, construction, real estate, health, and wellness sectors.

Our ambition is to work with private and public sector strategic partners to develop new projects and enterprises that unlock the opportunity within Saudi Arabia’s breath-taking, natural environment.

Our focus is on the four key landscapes of our Kingdom: mountain, water, desert and urban, delivering adventures and experiences for the mind and body.

Forged in the Present
Designed for our Future

Leadership Team

Strategic Partners

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Our Vision

We want to support the Kingdom in its Vision 2030 aims of developing a healthier, happier nation.

We want to provide opportunities through collaborative projects for everyone in the Kingdom to discover and explore healthy, active lifestyles.

We want to harness the talents, creativity, skills, and imagination of Saudi nationals to develop new and exciting initiatives.

We want to celebrate and capture the essence of Saudi, respectful of its heritage and past whilst embracing the future.

Our approach

We use our expertise and connections to create and develop projects that are:

  • Innovative; pushing boundaries, developing icons, unleashing potential
  • Inclusive; creating opportunities accessible to all, made in Saudi for the Saudi
  • Collaborative; connecting people and talents
  • Sustainable; sensitively developing and promoting the natural environment
  • Responsible; using resources responsibly, maintain the ecological balance
  • Respectful; respectful of our past, forged in the present, designed for our future
  • High Quality; delivering high quality experiences
  • Lasting; working together to create a legacy for our nation